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Imaginary Power is the leading company of ventilation system in Iraq

Imaginary Power is the leading company of ventilation system in Iraq, located in Iraq – Erbil city – southern industrial – 77 area Back in 2020, we began our mission to rid homes of the damaging effects of poor indoor air, condensation and mould and to improve indoor air quality, Providing our customers with modern high-quality energy-saving domestic and industrial ventilation solutions. With over 10 Projects the ventilation problems was solved to date, we feel as though we can call ourselves experts when it comes to advising on indoor air quality in Iraqi homes. Our passion for providing good indoor air quality is as strong now as it was when we first started out. Our philosophy is to provide an outstanding service through the design, expert installation and aftercare of our sustainable ventilation products and systems for the long term.


At present Blauberg Group includes a large number of research, development and production companies with an extremely competitive potential and capabilities. The center features a host of cutting-edge equipment used to create ventilation systems - from simple to most complex - whereas lean production principles help streamline the production processes and reduce order processing time.

Starting with manufacturing AC motors with external rotors for own needs, for now Blauberg Motoren produce wide range of motors and fans with EC and AC technology. It includes axial fans, backward curved fans, forward curved fans, blowers.

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